The majority of the people you see around you do not fit into either category. They are neither rich nor poor. Most people will have a general idea of how to obtain wealth, but I must warn you: if an individual has not achieved the result you are after in a tangible form – discount their ‘expertise’ entirely as it will only be a massive waste of your own time.

If you are aspiring to achieve greatness and you are in the “poor” or “broke” categories, you are actually far ahead of the majority of the folks out there. Let me explain. The person with the least amount of commitments will generally have the most room to maneuver and strategize – which is a lot more important than having your mental focus be hijacked by some third-party (ie: boss, work, etc). The most dangerous types of commitments generally involve jobs, relationships and belongings that you are emotionally attached to out of sheer desperation – learn to detach yourself from these first.

Being poor might be better than being “average” financially – but it also comes with a few dangers. The most dangerous aspect of being poor is the tendency to spend time with friends who are in a similar circumstance. If you spend significant time with other “poor” souls, you are likely to be in that category long-term. Your friends might not admit this but, the last thing they want to see is you be immensely successful and surpass them on the proverbial social ladder. When this happens, not only can they not relate to you any longer, it brings their own deep insecurities into focus.

Train yourself to think, act and be rich. What does that mean? It can mean a boatload of money, it can mean having the freedom to choose what you may or may not do with your time. Whatever. It is accepting your deepest fears and becoming what you were meant to be all along.

The definition of “rich” is all up to you and the clearer the definition, the better. This is the catalyst that will propel you out of the trenches and from being broke. Avoid the other mishaps and take control of your own thought process without making silly excuses. With that said, I would like to remind you about the dangers of surrounding yourself with the wrong types of people by sharing a important parable:

If you put a crab in a open bucket, it will climb out seeking freedom and escape. But if you put that same crab in a open bucket with several crabs, when it tries to climb out and escape, the others will pull it back in. The majority of the crabs will pull in the crab that is audacious enough to seek freedom and escape. This process will continue while no crab escapes.