Dilanka, What!? How is it possible to be happy when you are depressed? I mean how can you even entertain a contradiction of such epic proportion when people are dying from depression?

Well, simply because I can.

I avoid depressed people like the plague. They are like real life dementors. (OK – apologies for the Harry Potter reference) Are there people who are not able to cope with depression and eventually fall off the cliff ? Absolutely. But in my opinion, these are edge cases and I wont be discussing that today.

The way I look at it, depression is a natural form of an emotional gauge – it’s a very powerful compass that will warn you when you have steered into someplace where you should not be. I look at it as it being natures way of saying: “Whoa! Wrong Direction! Wrong Direction!” with big flashing red lights and sirens.

So you should be thankful (and happy) that the universe actually gives you a fully-featured warning system when you are screwing up.

Majority of the time, when you are feeling down and depressed consistently for long periods of time, there’s a unmet emotional need or a repressed emotional need. In my experience the only way to minimize (or even eliminate) this is to steer your life based on your own internal motivations and to avoid shaping your actions based on external validation.

What a waste.