Now you spend your days reading the newspaper about depressing news, watching useless daytime television and eating cheerios with expired milk – and that’s if you manage to wake up. You also spend time pondering whether you have lived your life to the absolute fullest, using every moment to your advantage to propel yourself and everyone around you to the stratosphere of happiness and ecstasy.

But, for some reason you still feel like you haven’t lived your life to your potential. You have lingering thoughts about how you might have followed the wrong path by listening to those around you instead of listening to yourself, your inner thoughts.

Are you this person? Are you on the right path? Who are you listening to?

It’s Never Too Late

As the old adage goes, be very careful about who you listen to and even more careful about who you surround yourself with. More than ever western culture is engineered so that you blend in with the status quo. This is evident from the day you are born to the school(s) you attend to the career path you choose – and even to the person you are married to.

Ladies and gentleman, it is all a pre-written script. All the critical moments in your life have already been well thought out and designed. Why is it so important to be aware of this process? Because it is a guaranteed recipe your dreams will never be achieved. It is a guaranteed recipe to put you among those that attempt to succeed on many facets yet never do.

I am constantly surprised at the sheer number of adults with unhappy jobs/lives who wither in their own self loathing filth – all because they were misled by those who were trusted the most. Fortunately, you can operate at a higher level without having to succumb to this type of disease.

It really is a choice.