If you have been following the blog recently – several weeks ago, I mentioned how I found school to be quite useless in terms of preparing people for real life. While most of my high school experience was boring and mind-numbing, I did learn a very important life lesson that I try to live by to this day.

Who knew that the entire high school experience could boil down to one idea implanted by some happy, quirky old psychology teacher? Actually, I don’t even recall learning about psychology in that class because this guy’s ability to covertly teach subtle life lessons without any of us being aware of the process was engrossing to say the least.

Imagine if Yoda, Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa somehow defied all laws of nature and created a offspring – that’s essentially how I would describe this guy. Well — that might result in a quite ugly baby actually — so ignore the aesthetics and focus on the qualities okay? =)

Now, I generally get annoyed by a overwhelming number of people because the whining and the complaining generally makes me want to wrap their face with a mile of duct tape. Well, that’s not the best attitude to latch on to, and this was one of many mental flickers that helped me have a more positive outlook on life.

While the number of practitioners are quite low, the idea in itself is actually quite well known. It’s this notion of a Random Act Of Kindness – where, on a daily basis you do just one random act of kindness before your day ends. That is it. Absolutely no downsides and both parties always win. (take that stock market) – I think it’s the most valuable transaction one can ever partake in – with another human being.

The goal here is to minimize the overwhelming amount of the unhappy, unfortunate and the unbelievable amount of negative people in the universe by doing a bit of mental judo. The magnitude of the act itself is not important – what’s important is that you actually make a conscious effort to do just one random, unexpected act of kindness per day.

You’ll be surprised about how fun this actually can be when done consistently. Even if you are a born skeptic like myself :)