Disclaimer: If you have already made up your mind and consider your self to be a anti-drug zealot, I completely understand. I used to be one. I will highlight some of the important benefits of using drugs in pursuit of mental evolution and advancing oneself toward a life filled with gratitude and happiness. This is intended for all the sober folks who are missing out.

1.) Mary jane is a lot more fun than your wife

Popular culture likes to depict all marijuana smokers as stoners, as Cheech and Chong types who are eternally glued to their couches with bongs in hand. And yet not everyone who smokes marijuana is a burn-out. Puffing a bit of pot can be likened to having a glass of wine after work: It takes the edge off. Pot also has plenty of established health benefits. For one thing, it’s been proven to slow down tumor growth in the brain, breasts and lungs. In fact, certain cannabinoids offer natural anti-cancer protection. That seems to be a reason behind our bountiful collection of natural cannabinoid receptors. Some additional medical benefits include stimulating the appetite and relieving symptoms of migraine, multiple sclerosis and glaucoma.

And what about mental burnout? Admittedly, pot can compromise short-term memory. Nonetheless, it does wonders for those who are predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease. THC helps prevent the accumulation of material that robs us of cognitive functions.

2.) Connect with other human beings..socialize with style

Alcohol has been described as a “social lubricant.” Many a pot smoker has observed that marijuana is a social lubricant too – but it happily lacks the downslide into barbarianism that sometimes accompanies alcohol use. Basically, you can smoke pot all night without seeking a fistfight. Shrooms are also excellent for socializing, provided that you stay in positive surroundings.

3.) Lovemaking with 3D effects

When you smoke pot or take psychedelics, the world’s beauty can be highlighted as insecurities fade away. I know plenty of professional couples, people who are respected in upper middle class communities, who keep their marital spark alive with help from special greenery. An added benefit: There’s no painful hangover after your night of fun.

4.) Help cure your mind

Drugs are only “illicit” or shamed in certain environments. Initially, psychoactive drugs like LSD were developed for therapeutic use. For example, since the 1940s, LSD has been used as an adjunct to psychotherapy for tens of thousands of patients. A good bong session or acid trip can bridge social gaps and eliminate a sense of isolation. Drugs like Ibogaine has also helped numerous people rid of drug-addiction and alcoholism.

5.) Unleash your creativity

It’s no coincidence that great artists, musical performers and other talented people get an edge with pot and psychedelics. Think about it: If we normally do not fully utilize our brains, then tapping into other areas likely gives us an edge over sober humans. It’s no accident that eminent figures like Steve Jobs, James Watson and Jimi Hendrix have openly acknowledged their use of substances. Even seemingly straight-laced geniuses like Bill Gates have admitted to experimentation. Smoke dope and think outside the box.

6.) Get a VIP pass to the universe

DMT or dimethyltryptamine is a psychedelic gift from the plant world. Native American cultures have long used DMT in the form of Ayahuasca, a special brew, for spiritual purposes. People also smoke the drug. However it’s ingested, a high dose of dimethyltryptamine takes you into “DMT hyperspace.” Seemingly detached from your body, your mind becomes open to the galaxy like never before.1 People typically encounter alien languages, alien music, new plant forms, and even strange machines while tripping. Sound too heavy? You can also smoke a bit of DMT with weed for a giggly high punctuated with occasional light hallucinations. Warning: DMT is NOT for amateurs — this is serious stuff.

7.) Connect with mother-nature

According to Timothy Leary’s book Flashbacks, Marilyn Monroe turned JFK onto psychedelics. The result? He wasn’t so excited about war anymore. Psychedelics like LSD can highlight the sanctity of life and our interconnections with humans and other animals.

8.) CTRL + ALT + DELETE: Re-boot your brain

We all get into ruts: We keep the same job, the same daily routine, the same sense of what we can or can’t accomplish as individuals or as a society. Psychedelics can be a wake-up call. By opening mental doors, they remind us that our supposed limitations are often self-imposed. The reflections about life that follow a trip can be a well-needed kick in the pants.

9.) Bonus If you’re a lady

Many a woman – including Queen Victoria – has found that marijuana eases her monthly physical and emotional discomforts. Pharmaceutical companies might prefer that women keep popping their synthetic drugs, but a potent green herb that’s naturally grown in gardens can work wonders.

10.) Introduce yourself to humanity

It’s a shame that even with centuries of well documented positive experiences with drugs like psilocybin mushrooms (Magic Mushrooms), “experts” are only just beginning to scratch it’s potential. Modern societies fear psychedelics. Why? Psychedelics open our minds. With the aid of mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelic drugs, we can tap into aspects of our selves that modern western society would rather see suppressed.2 We begin to understand our interrelationships and imagine new possibilities for human existence. We look beyond the proverbial bird cage and gain an overview of our position as unique beings with vast potential. This, arguably, is the force that frightens.

All Drugs are not created equal

With all that said: Don’t be a f*ng idiot. Always exercise due diligence before partaking in anything. Some drugs are disasters waiting to happen. Crystal meth, to name just one, has destroyed too many brains, careers, families and teeth to be responsibly lauded as a recreational drug. Likewise, heroin offers a host of problems you don’t want to deal with, like needle-injected diseases, liver failure, and the high risk of rapid dependence.

But other drugs, particularly marijuana and psychedelics 3, can enhance your life without leaving a sorry trail of destruction. Unless your current health condition suggests otherwise, see what our natural world has to offer. Chances are high that you’ll become a better, happier person with greater insight about the human experience. Isn’t that why we are here in the first place?

  1. DMT is a bottomless well of never ending confoundment, an unsolvable riddle of epic proportions spoken in alien tongues. It will call into question all that you know, all you’ve learned to accept as reality, and introduce you to a state of being which defies all comprehension. This experience is not for everyone, and not all who choose to open the door deal well with the questions it raises. It should never be undertaken lightly or treated in a casual manner. Those who approach it with little respect often pay a psychic price. Should you choose to proceed, be aware that integration issues may follow. What you find inside may change your life. It will almost certainly alter your deepest, most fundamental assumptions. (source) “DMT hyperspace” is ineffable and profound in an entirely different manner. If you have little to no experience with psychedelics, I would highly discourage you from trying DMT. Dr. Rick Strassman has done considerable research on the subject including using human subjects to record their experiences on DMT. Go read his stuff to get a better grasp.

  2. Sam Harris’s philosophical piece on the suppression and mass ignorance of psychedelics is an absolute must read.

  3. If you are new to psychedelics and/or curious about the subject, I would suggest James Fadiman as a great starting point.